Our Committees

The Northwest Component of the EHASO has the following committees:

New Member Committee
Sandy Maduke - Chair - British Columbia
Howard Freedman - Oregon
Perry Ormiston - Washington
Todd Moore - British Columbia

Nominating Committee
Dr. Diane Doppel - Chair
Hugh Lamont
Mike Chaffee

Admissions Committee
Doug Knight - Chair
Joe Safirstein - Co-Chair
Andrea Laidlaw
Darcy Cruikshank
Dave Crouch
Francine Lo
Heather Woloshyn
Lesley Williams
Paul Helpard
Robert Elliott
Ross Drangsholt
Ryan Moses

Strategic Planning Committee
Asef Karim - Chair
Greg Huang
Bryan Hicks

Study Committee
Darcy Cruikshank - Chair

Website Manager Committee
Joe Safirstein - Chair